Have you found termites?

Don't disturb them and don't spray them! Call an expert immediately!

Termites will retreat if disturbed and this could make treatment more costly in the long run.  An expert will assess your situation and recommend an appropriate solution...

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Termites cause over $780M damage per year.

And termite damage is NOT covered by your home insurance!

Don't let these silent predators erode the value of your home. Find out what you can do to reduce the risk and keep termites (white ants) out for good...
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"The 7 tips to keep rats out of your home" hints and tips to help you keep control of rodents around your home. Whether they be Rats or Mice this guide has invaluable advice.

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Pest-free Living

In addition to termite control, we also carry out general pest management services including cockroach and spider treatments, rodent control and bird-proofing in both domestic and commercial situations.

Chemical vs non-chemical

We use an environmentally responsible, integrated pest management (IPM) approach to control pests. This involves identifying the target pest's access points, harbourage areas and food sources and applying a combination of physical, cultural (lifestyle) and chemical controls. Where appropriate, we will provide recommendations of actions that you can take to minimise the recurrence of pests in and around your home.

A range of low toxic and targeted products are now available which means smaller doses can be applied only to specific pests as and if required.

No need to empty cupboards

At Pestec, we use cockroach gel inside in preference to pesticide sprays, eliminating the need to empty cupboards, mop floors, or leave the house during or after treatment. It is also non irritant and has no odour.