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Termites cause over $780M damage per year.

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Termites are now flying in Sydney!

Termites are flying! Pestec the termite experts are ready to control them

Around this time of year, when the climatic conditions are perfect, a number of winged termites will leave the nest in search of somewhere to start a new colony. 

Flying termites (or alates as they are technically known) are termites that are capable of mating with another that has flown, for the purpose of setting up a new colony.

This phenomenon happens every year but many people are unaware that the swarm of flying insects they think are just flying ants are actually termites.

What do flying termites look like?

Flying termites have long narrow bodies which are a shade brown in colour and two pairs of long slender wings. They are notoriously poor flyers and are often seen fluttering around an outside light or crawling along a surface where it is not uncommon to see termites 'tailing' each other.

Even if you don’t see flying termites, you may still find some evidence that they are around.  A tell-tale sign that you have experienced a termite flight is the long slender wings they drop when they land.

This video was taken in January 2012 around 8.30pm at a home on the outskirts of Camden NSW.

Your property is at increased risk!

Termites can only fly from a mature termite nest so wherever a flight occurs it is reasonable to presume that a termite nest exists nearby.  This presents a high risk to properties in the area.

It takes some time to establish a colony that will be able to cause damage to a home, however five to seven years after starting a new colony it will be nearing maturity and capable of consuming 1 metre of 4 x 2 timber each week, that's around 2.5kg of timber each and every week.

What to do if you see a termite flight

A few flying termites seen outside or even inside the house is not necessary a cause for immediate alarm but it does mean that there is one or more mature termite colonies nearby and that your home is at risk.

If you notice a termite flight has taken place at your home, call us to book a termite inspection and we can advise on how you can protect your home from termites setting up a new colony on your property.