Have you found termites?

Don't disturb them and don't spray them! Call an expert immediately!

Termites will retreat if disturbed and this could make treatment more costly in the long run.  An expert will assess your situation and recommend an appropriate solution...

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Termites cause over $780M damage per year.

And termite damage is NOT covered by your home insurance!

Don't let these silent predators erode the value of your home. Find out what you can do to reduce the risk and keep termites (white ants) out for good...
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Termite Specialists

We know your house is your most valuable asset. That's why we specialise in termite control. In fact, we're passionate about it.

We know how to find termites and how to get rid of them so that you can rest assured that your most valuable asset is protected.

Once you've found termites, the damage is already done.

You may be surprised to know that the annual cost of subterranean termite damage in Australia is estimated to be greater than that of fires, storms and floods combined.

And this isn't covered by your home insurance.

The most effective defence against termites is prevention.

Our termite experts can recommend an appropriate termite management program to not only rid your home of these destructive pests, but more importantly, to ensure that your home remains protected from future attack.

We can solve your termite issue whilst caring for the environment.

An attitude that always takes the environment into consideration gives us the ability to take care of any termite issue with a minimum of pesticide used, but 100% effectiveness.

This means a safer, positive result for you and your family.


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