Termite Control

Found termites?

Don't spray them!  Call an expert now.

There are lots of termite 'experts' out there. 

But how can you tell the real experts from the fakes?  Our free guide, '9 Vital Questions To Ask Before You Sign That Termite Contract', will ensure you don't make any costly mistakes.

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Termite Inspections

Termites cause over $780M damage per year.

This is NOT covered by your home insurance!

Don't let these silent predators erode the value of your home. Termite Insurance is now available!  Now you can enjoy peace of mind that your asset is covered.

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Pest Control

Hearing noises in the roof?

It could be rats or mice!

You may be unknowingly providing a safe and comfortable haven for these unwanted pests.

Our free guide, '7 Tips To Keep Rats Out Of Your Home', contains simple steps that you can take yourself to keep rats and mice out.

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These termites cause the most damage around Sydney

This short video has been taken of some Coptotermes species termites that were found in one of our Nemesis inground monitoring stations. The termites you can see are all worker termites. These are the ones that actually cause all of the damage. Soldier termites of the same species have a golden brown head and long mandibles. This species of termite (white ant) is the one that causes the most damage in and around Sydney.

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